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Features and Reviews Royal Flush #2 vs. The Ed Kemper Trio
11/17/2003UnknownThe Ed Kemper Trio How to Win a Sword Fight Yawn Records Well, I had just bought my sword when I put this CD in, and I must say I was disappointed. But after putting down my saber, I gave it a listen. It's hard to describe this wax. There are many influences working here; Primus, Rush, Tool with angular, "singing on the beat" touches of Gang of Four? They do have interesting titles, though, like "A Blow to the Head" and "Why Death Works." But while trying to understand why death does indeed work, I realized I couldn't, because I can't hear what the singer is saying. He's low in the mix, I'm guessing because he's not such a strong singer. This is a very indulgent record with 30 second interludes of white noise, ominous audio clips and avant, dissonant down stroked notes for no apparent reason other than they think it would sound like they're musically gifted or like they want us to think they sit at home in a circle and listen to Edgar Varese and John Cage and ponder the music between the notes. What I ponder is how they choose where one song ends and another begins. There seems to be no distinction: just one song broken up into 17 bits.