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Features and Reviews Noreasterzine vs. Rewake
1/1/2002Lyle BrooksRewake Air Bubbles (Yawn Records) I had a friend a few years ago who was a classically trained pianist and bassist, he could play any instrument really well. He listened to a lot of jam bands; I think he would like this album. Rewake is made up of capable musicians who can get it on with their instruments. Both guitarists, Malan on the acoustic and Paul on the electric, are able to trip out. We get some jazzy noodling ala Methany and plenty of strummy-strum good times which might draw back to the dawning of Dave Matthews and Phish. Bassist Eric can slap and run with the best of them. It ends up being about feeling it, but I feel nothing that these guys play. I respect it, I can see the sawdust on the floor from years of training. But both lyrically and through performance, Awake seems to be soulless. There are some truly great harmonies throughout the record, on “Far Away” and “Box of Candy.” However nothing really got me, Rewake never solidifies aurally. -- Lyle Brooks