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Features and Reviews Big Takeover #51 vs. The Ed Kemper Trio
2/1/2003UnknownTHE BIG TAKEOVER #51

The Ed Kemper Trio How To Win A Sword Fight (Yawn)

This Montgomery, AL band's frenzied, noisy rock and hostile, belligerent attitudes came as no surprise. After all, when a band names itself after a grisly serial killer, and writes songs titled "Killed For This," "A Blow To The Head," and "Why Death Works," what else could you expect? The self-described math rockers employ many of the characteristics of that genre: fractured, scratchy guitar bursts, off-kilter, chaotic rhythms, and KENNY JOHNSON's frustrated, unintelligible vocals. In fact, the band's music sounds so much like Steve Albini's current band Shellac, it's uncanny. But where Albini's intelligence, personality and thought-provoking words are important aspects of his music, these guys don't have much to say, and the similar-sounding riffs grow tiresome. Their unleashed, aggressive playing sounds good in small doses, but more original ideas will be needed to help the band stand out from the pack.