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Features and Reviews Gristle Zine vs. The Ed Kemper Trio
7/23/2002unknownThe Ed Kemper Trio - "How to Win a Sword Fight" (2002/Yawn)

Jagged, happily maniacal serial killer-indie who's deviously clever and angularly plotted lil' ditties will take more than one listen to comprehend and catch everything. Imagine if Man or Astroman were to come back to earth...and start discretely murdering people. So yeah, fans of, say Alanis Morrisette or Sisquo would probably be somewhat/sorely disappointed, but such is life when your music is somewhat obtuse rhythmically and gives little warning for what direction it's about to take.

Weirdness aside, there's a potential "hit" or two here, given the strong hook/quirk arrangements that are coupled with Kenny "Game Time" Johnson's voice, which has a less operatic Cedric "At the Drive In" Bixler quality here. Sadly, no cover of Pantera's "Walk" just yet. Staff