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Features and Reviews FM Sound vs. Omnizine Sampler, Vol. 1
11/1/2001Nicole CiomekImagine a CD composed of bands that have amazing resemblance to other bands that are already in existence or just completely are not worth listening to, and you will have the Omnizine Sampler Vol. 1 by Yawn Records.

The disc is composed of indie rock bands trying to make it "big," but are either too original for their own good, or you can't distinguish them from every other mainstream band. To say the least, listening to this CD was a very painful experience. I saw bands that have amazing talent and could be so much more than what they are settling for.

"579" by Little League Hero (a great band name by the way) has early alternative rock influence a la Cracker, but horribly timed lyrics. This track was a rough start to the CD and sort of set the tone of what I was in for.

Fanzine's "America" was a nice poppy song. It has a catchy rhythm and gets you hooked in, but the leader singer's British accent is very forced, which ruins the potential of the song.

Mad Verb is a band still trying to find their own identity. Their song "Cream Puff" is a cock-rock song with a random bit of pop throw in. Then by the end it just starts rocking full out, and I was left wondering what just went on.

If you want to experience Rob Thomas meeting The Queers, Formerly's "That Special No One" is for you. They are trying desperately to commercialize and failing miserably. Stealing Blink 182's riffs won't get them there.

Despite the flaws of this disc, there are a few redeeming qualities. If The Frequency Bliss would turn up the vocals on "Memories of Skin," the singer's beautiful voice would be more audible and make this song much better. The lyrics are only mediocre, but they have room to grow.

The same goes for All-American Rejects. "Don't Leave Me" is a catchy, fun song with a wonderful intro and good vocals to boot. It just lacks emotional complexity to keep the listener interested.

The best two tracks on the CD are Aqueduct's "Post Rock and Slightly Seasoned" and Static Set's "Big Green Hearse." Aqueduct's tune was very intriguing and individualistic. The pauses in the song are a bit off, but it works. It has a nice thematic drums that fit well with the moody song.

"Big Green Hearse" proves that words are not necessary to create an effective song. Static Set creates a song that is surf music The El Camino's style. It is a great close to a disc that struggled to keep me interested and entertained.

For more information on the Omnizine Sampler Vol. I, please visit Yawn Records.

-- Nicole Ciomek