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Features and Reviews FM Sound vs. Woo Hoo Bank, Vol. 1
11/1/2001Nicole CiomekTake 19 tracks from 19 different albums and place them on one CD and the result would be Yawn Records' Woo Hoo Bank compilation. It is a nice pop rock disc, with great flow between the seemingly random selection of songs.

The songs on this compilation go from great, to okay, to why is this song on here? With any CD that has a random splattering of bands on it there are going to be some songs that wow you- and some that leave you desiring more.

The disc starts off with a tune by the Merrymakers, "SaltWater Drinks." It is an upbeat song that sounds like a blending of Beatles and Oasis British pop.

Another track, Jenny Labow's "The Heaviest Thing," is a beautiful lyric ballad with a bit of a kick to it. Her voice is a mixture of Shawn Colvin and Natalie Merchant, which is not bad company to be associated with. The song definitely made me want to her more of her CD.

Lazlo Bane is one of those musicians whose music reminds you of someone else, but you can't put your figure on exactly who. His song "Hold Me" has good transitions in song. He switches tempos with ease, and goes beyond the stereotypical guitar, bass, drums band by throwing in instruments such a saxophone.

"3 Ring Circus (Digital December Mix)" by Dave Lon has an odd techno beginning with sounds static. He adds in the other instruments, but it sounds like he singing almost underneath the music as it is very difficult to here him. Though I was not sure what to make of this song it was very intriguing because it was so different.

The singer of Hosty Trio has maginificent voice making their sound stand out from other pop rock bands. "Silent Me" is a cute poppy song that had me swaying in my seat. The great guitar work combined with infectious lyrics helps this track to be perhaps the best on Woo Hoo Banks'.

The compilation switches things up a bit with "Epperley's "Don't Stay Home, Los Angeles." This hilarious punk rock song has lyrics like "You are not the pop machine you think you are." This song brings a smile to my face and reminded me of why punk rock is still essential part of music.

The rest of the songs on this CD are not really worth mentioning because of their lack of distinct qualities. They all are bands trying to sound like bands that already exist. Lacking originality does not get many points on my book. The Woo Hoo Bank compilation is a great disc with mixture of talented up and coming bands and a few that make you wonder why they even exist.

For more information on the Woo Hoo Bank, please visit Yawn Records.

-- Nicole Ciomek