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Features and Reviews Babysue vs. Woo Hoo Bank, Vol. 1
9/10/2001unknownWoo Hoo Bank - Volume 1 (CD, Yawn, Various artists pop compilation)

Like a non-stop string of hits you've never heard before, Woo Hoo Bank: Volume 1 is a consistently entertaining collection of tracks by obscure bands almost all of which are worthy of more attention than they're currently receiving. It could just be our slanted perspective, but it seems as if there has been an increasing musical presence in the state of Oklahoma over the past five years or so...?

Despite all the negative aspects of the technological revolution, one of the few positives is that folks in areas other than the "big cities" can now compete more effectively in the big scheme of things. This disc starts off with The Merrymakers' "Saltwater Drinks"...a song that SHOULD have been a major hit in the United States...but since the airwaves in this goddamn stinking country are filled with phony dreck, songs with any real substance don't have a chance nowadays.

Other favorites are Scott Peace's "Picture This", Hosty Trio's "Silent Me", Epperley's "Don't Stay Home, Los Angeles", and Antenna Lodge's "Nightmares in Pantyhose" (this last one's weird). A varied collection of tunes as well as an introduction to a whole slew of artists you've probably never heard before... (Rating: 4++)