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Features and Reviews Jersey Beat #70 vs. Woo Hoo Bank, Vol. 1
11/1/2001Janet BranaganWoo Hoo Bank Volume 1 is the first in a series of compilations designed to give you more bang for your buck. A whopping nineteen bands are being offered at a jaw dropping five dollars a pop. The eclectic track listing plays like a musical smorgasbord geared towards fans of all genres.

Highlights include pure pop bliss with The Merrymakers "Saltwater Drinks" (produced and heavily influenced by Andy Sturmer of late great pop band Jellyfish) and the "Sugar Sugar" throwback, "Hold Me" by Lazlo Bane. Dave Lon's "3 Ring Circus" plays with background noise and distortion to create a truly unique song. The musical pendulum swings with the "Sublime-was-here" vibe of Hosty Trio's "Silent Me," to the Linkin Park/Incubus feel of Rewake's "Air Bubbles."

The collection also contains a few noteworthy misses that prove the album at times, to be too ambitious. "Picture This" by Scott Peace is an example of this with a solid country inclusion. This is a good tune in its own right, but stands out like a sore thumb amongst the rest. "Nightmares In Pantyhose" by Antenna Lodge is beatnik jazz with a chaser of rock, and is original, but still a far cry from brilliance. Finally there's the Gwar inspired "Pain" by Underside featuring Munkeyneck. It's an odd way to round out an album that started off with The Merrymakers, a group that the guys from Underside would likely make cry just by looking at 'em.

-- Janet Branagan