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Features and Reviews Tulsa World vs. Woo Hoo Bank, Vol. 1
6/15/2001Jason CollingtonWoo Hoo Bank Disc Offers Savory Sampling

If you like cheap buffets, dig into Woo Hoo Bank Vol. 1. The bands picked to fill out the record work well with its premise - maximum satisfaction for minimum price. You get "A Red Shade To Somber" off Tony Romanello's critically acclaimed album "The MumbleOdd." Fanzine offers up "No. 7," which in the beginning sounds like a funky '70's TV cop show theme," off of "Brilliant." Antenna Lodge combines nightmares and pantyhose in a song from its upcoming album "Wu Ming."

Most of the disc takes its cuts from full-length albums, such as those from the Merrymakers, Jenny Labow, Lazlo Bane, Remede', Hosty Trio, Vena Cava, Tex Montana's Fireball 4, Zen Hipster and Sybil's Machine. But seven songs come from a place music fans love to dip their ears into - previously unreleased material. These songs include offerings from A.M.P., Dave Lon, Scott Peace, Epperley, Rewake, Wick and Underside featuring Munkeyneck.

With 19 tracks, you're not guaranteed to like all the songs, which range from pop to heavy rock, but heck, if you like half of 'em, it's still a bargain. And that's the point. It's a buffet with some choice cuts of musical meat. Chow.

Woo Hoo Bank Vol. 1 is available at Mohawk Music, Starship Records and Tapes, Blue Moon Discs (Claremore), and CD Warehouse locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Ft. Smith and Fayetteville.

-- Jason Collington