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5/5/2005Gary Hizer

– No Siree Bob -
(Yawn Records)

OK--there’s no point in mincing words with this one, so let’s get straight to the point. If you’re into straight up, no-frills, garage punk and don’t have this CD--what are you waiting on? This is the CD you’ve been waiting for while pouting to your friends that there’s not any good, fun rock & roll anymore.

On No Siree Bob, HotrodboB displays everything that this kind of music is supposed to be: it’s amped up, fun music with a sense of humor AND an attitude. It’s loaded with three-minute songs with sing-along melodies that gallop along with just the right amount of distortion to keep things gritty and street level without degenerating into sheer noise.

All of the songs tell a story, most of them with a dry or macabre sense of humor: see “Apartment 213” (where no-one can hear you scream) or “The Shadows” – which has a great chorus and hook and should be on the radio state-wide. At their core, these are all just good, fun songs.

In conversation with bassist Jay Pitts recently, he explained that most of them were brought to the band in their original form, usually played on an acoustic guitar, with a kind of Johnny Cash/rockabilly tempo, before they evolved into their current form. What’s to be surprised by that? Most good, solid garage punk of this type shares more than just a little bit with the rockabilly spirit.

While everything is wound up and has a little distortion, HRB keep things fun and tongue in cheek instead of veering off into angry, socio-political hardcore or straight-edge territory. Even when opening with “The love of money is the root of all evil…” on “700 Club”, it’s all done with a dark sense of humor instead of condemnation.

Youngsters that think punk is all about Green Day and Blink-182 need to take a quick class with HotrodboB, then get out there to see what else they are missing in the garages and indie labels nationwide. Bo, Jay and Clay are doing their part to keep garage punk alive and well for us here in Tulsa. Now do your part by getting a copy of the CD and cranking it up! (Best played at high volume while driving.) -– G.H.

Recommended for fans of :Ramones, Buzzcocks, Green Day, NOTA, Beer Mongers, indie garage-punk